Composer & Pianist
Meliha Doguduyal



“...her piece Longing is avesome...”    

Emirhan Tuğa, clarinetist and producer  

official website, 15.03.2019


“...She takes the viewer through styles and genres

 with artistic surprises.”

Dick Roodenburg – programmer
Cultuurcentrum VU Amsterdam, March 2006  


 ...There were non-western presences in

Cosmophobia, by Meliha Doğuduyal, painful cries on

clarinet set against clusters on the organ...”

Michael Dervan -12.07.2005, The Irish Times



“...The progressive tonalities of Meliha Doğuduyal...” 

Norbert Hornig - music journalist & violinist

December 2005, Fono Forum


“Bonheur musical: Mme Meliha Doğuduyal...

Pleine de finesse et de force tour à tour, son interprétation –principalement de ses propres oeuvres- donne une grande intensité à lemotion que, sans peine, elle parvient a transmettre à son auditoire.” 

A.B. - Janvier 2004, Bruxelles Bulletin, No 411



“The result was a successful synthesis of the piece Vacuum by Meliha Doğuduyal...”
Astrid Kordak - NRZ Mülheim, 28.10.2002 



“...Her music has brilliant characteristics."  

Evin İlyasoğlu – music writer, 25.04.2001, Cumhuriyet /TR



“...Today, I experience the same sense of mystery in all of those later works of Meliha: the feeling of coming from somewhere in  the unknown places is still viable.”

Prof. İlhan Usmanbaş - contemporary composer 

the preface of Doğuduyal's book, "from Word to Music",

September 2016, Bağlam Yayıncılık, Istanbul



“...It is amazingly clear in her work how open-mind 

her attitude is.”

Theo Loevendie - composer, clarinetist, saxophonist
from the letter  ‘To Whom It May Concern’, 1992 Amsterdam






“...Such a skilled performer.”

Rob van Scheers - author & cultural reporter

01.02. 1992 Elsevier /NL 



“...A cosmopolite.”

Doron Nagan - music journalist & editor

19.02.1993, Algemeen Dagblad Kunst /NL



“...A beautiful piece with glow, verve and passion ‘baptized’ by De

Ereprijs. I have no doubt that Ikaros would -and should- remain

a staple of the ensembles' concert repertoire. 

Tom Ruijfrok - 18.04.1994, Gelders Dagblad (NL)



Darbu Sax; it is a recent piece  that represents a very

different world and time. Yet there are points of contact with the

original Turkish Music.”
Edwin Blankenatijn - 14.04.1996, Program Booklet of the

Amsterdam History Museum.